Re: [CH] garden disaster

lukasz (
Sat, 30 May 1998 16:59:56 +1000

Employ the services of a good lawyer . I.E  J.Benz. Fentner and
 Once in the past as a Bushfire Brigade Deputy Cptn we were
called to burn the under growth on a vacant block of land next
to a house , we singed some native Aussie trees { which actually
use fire as a method of 
setting seeds } .. the owner who actually was the complainant
about the state of the block claimed they died and Sued the
local Govt 
Council ,,.. And got $1800.00 .. We tried to intervene in the
case as the owner actually cut the Trees down after the fire and
Built a fence in their place .. But our council just paid the
money and we got a rap over the Knuckles .. 
	             Luke in Oz 
Standard disclaimers Apply - Just think If its a Chile Related
J,B, would go at it Tooth and Nail.
Just think of It, Emotional Trauma, Inability to sustain an
{oops Knuckle dragging again} etc.