[CH] The return of Habanero IceCream

J. Gunterman (john@gunterman.mv.com)
Sat, 30 May 1998 13:31:23 -0400

In preparation for the Hot-Luck this Sunday  (which also happens to be my
30th Birthday ;-)
I decided to go all out and by popular demand I will be bringing the
now-famous Mint-ChocolateChip-Habanero IceCream

for those unabe to attend here is the recipe:

=================HABANERO ICECREAM================

(3) 1/2 gallons of Edy's Mint ChocolateChip IceCream
(9) Habanero Peppers <de-seeded>

place 1/2 Gal of IceCream in LARGE mixing bowl to soften
leave the other (2) 1/2 gallons on the counter
clean Habs
place Habs in food processor and pulse a few times till roughly chopped.
add 2 cups softened Icecream and blend well.
transfer back to the mixing bolw (it'll be moslty liquid)
using a stout wooden spoon, mix well.
when well mixed add another 1/2Gal if IceCream and mix some more
when all mixed add the third 1/2Gal and continue mixing till thouroughly
transsfer to a Bundt or Springform pan and place in Freezer over night.
remove from pan to serve.

===================Cool Sumer Pizza====================

1 Pint of fresh Jalepeno Peppers <de-seeded>
(2) 8 Oz. packages of Philly Cream Cheese
Carrots, green peppers, musrooms, etc. (whatever you like)
(4) 8Oz. packages of PillsburyCrescent rolls
(2) round Pizza pans

place cleaned japs in foodprocessor along w/ cream cheese and process till
transfer to storage container and refridgerate.

place Crescent roll dough flat on the pizza pans and press individual
peices togheter together to form a pizza crust, bake in oven till lightly
browned. remove from pan and cool.
 repeat for the next 2 packages.

shred carrots, jullienne the green peppers and assorted other veggies.

to asseble:
spread cream cheese mixture on cooled crusts.
top with veggies and slice into pizza shaped wedges.