Re: [CH] Weed killer application

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Sun, 31 May 1998 15:21:56 +0000

There is a wipe on applicator manufactured by Smucker Manufacturing 
of Harrisburg Oregon called the Red Weeder. It's a long hollow red 
plastic tube with a wipe on applicator at a right angle. Sort of 
looks like a big hockey stick. you fill it with a quart of water and 
whatever herbicide  you want and just wipe it on the plants. I bought 
mine at United Horticultural Supply for $25.00. Haven't had a chance 
to use it yet but I did fill it with water and the applicator stays 
wet and doesn't drip.

Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.
> Another way to control application of an herbicide like Roundup is the
> "wand" method - instead of spraying, you touch the plants with something
> moistened in the herbicide.  Farmers do this to remove tall volunteer corn
> plants from soybean fields, for example.  One advantage to this is that
> wind has no effect on the application, unlike sprays.
> (One thing you can do to minimize wind drift is keep the pressure low and
> the spray droplets larger and coarser.  Puffy mist can travel a long way.)
>  When I was on the landscape maintenance crew at Ohio State University, I
> wore a rubber glove with a cloth glove over it.  I would wet the glove and
> fondle the plants I wanted to remove.  I called it the Dab of Doom.  You
> could wrap a broomstick in an old towel or something like that.