[CH] Recipes

Frank J. Hashek (pepperking@mindspring.com)
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 20:12:48 -0500

A public thank you to The Old Bear for the Legal Seafoods chowder recipe.

Try this for cucumbers:

	Thinly slice as many cucumbers as you want

	Marinate in:
	1/2 cup white vinegar
	1/2 cup water
	1/4 tsp black pepper
	1/4 tsp (or more to taste) Jim's Red Savina powder
	1 Tbs sugar

Mix marinade in above proportions to cover the cukes.  Store in
refrigerator.  Shake the dish once in a while to keep the peppers mixed.
Stir if not tightly covered;-)

This keeps well and gets better with age.  If you eat it fast, you can add
more cukes to the leftover marinade.

Running on chile power,