[CH] Passport Site

Bill Oakes (bill_oakes@ibm.net)
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 06:58:58 -0700

At the risk of angering El Grande, allow me to view this whole situation re:
Passport from a slightly different angle - the user (yes, THAT guy (or

I found the site to actually be quite usable.  It gives an overview of any
item referenced, as well as clearly (although, granted, in smaller
letters...but highlighted in red) pointing out the source site for said
info.  Because of this, copyright infringement would be difficult to prove,

I then jumped to the main page, and looked at other subjects of interest,
and found reasonably solid reference sites for those subjects.  Not as solid
as a yahoo search, but for a user that doesn't know how to manipulate a
search site, this is a good start point.

infringement, by referencing sites w/o permission ("this is my site, you
need my permission to reference it" point of view).  While understandable,
if one tried to enforce that view, one would then have to forbid Yahoo,
Altavista, Excite, etc to reference the infringed site during any user
searches.  I'm not sure that any webmaster would like that.

"Of course, that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong."
Bill Oakes
San Jose, USA