[CH] Re: Chicken & Artichokes

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 19:26:05 -0700

PYRAMID2@aol.com wrote:
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> << if you like artichokes >>
> Love, love artichokes.  Thanks.  Do you have any uses for Corriander? I grew
> my own Cilantro last year, and let some of the plants get bigger and age a
> little more to produce Corriander, but not sure what to use it in.
> Thanks,
> Alda
Hey Alda...wha hoppen to the Gordita Recipe???? Here was I, waiting with
baited breath for the gordita recipe and also how YOU do masa( not
Massa's in de cold cold ground!) but real, good corn masa!! And it aint
there! Now, corriander is an essential ingredient for curry powder, have
not got a recipe at my finger tips, but if I find one in my mess, I will
post it...also post this to the Chile-heads and see if anyone else has
one, Cheers, Doug in BC