[CH] Wild Chile: info on LA/NM chili bars

Barbara (bbridges@speednet.com.au)
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 14:33:31 +1000

Thanks everybody for the blaze of email responses to my query on chili
bars in Santa Fe/Albuquerque/LA.  I'm fairly new to the list and it
wasmy first posting. And I guess I didn't give enough information.

First:  I'm opening a chili bar in Sydney next year which will be called
'Wild Chile', and I'd like to check out what may be similar concepts in
the States.  I'm fascinated by the spectrum of chile tastes and believe
one of the most powerful ways to explore those different sensations is
through what Will Rogers (I think it was Will) called the 'bowl of
blessedness'.  Anyway, I'll have Santa Fe style, Texas style, moles, a
veg chili, green fish chili, and specials (like goat, venison, kangaroo,
emu...[maybe even croc, Jonathan]).  Plus other good chilistuff, as well
as fresh chiles, dried chili, chili sauces, etc.  Sort of a Chile theme

Second:  I appreciate all of you who tried to sort me out on the
spelling of "chili".  An Australian associate actually sent the question
in, and she uses the local generic "chilli", though I stick by the
convention of 'chile' for the fruit and 'chili' for culinary
conversions.  This has probably been discussed here many times before.
Third:  Thanks to all who tried to sort me out on what a bowl of chili
was.  And the 'red/green' anthem of New Mexico (I'll be doing it at
'Wild Chile').
Fourth:  Back to the point......so I'm looking for places which might
actually explore variations on bowls of chili.  It may seem mundane to
Americans, but the stuff isn't really known here.  I'm calling it a
'chili bar' because that's what it will be.  I've been a number times to
the Coyote Cafe (and discussed all this with Mark Miller), Guadalupe
Cafe, Gabriels, etc. in Santa Fe...but they beautifully use chile, not
focus on chili (bowl of).  Any thoughts?
AND FINALLY:  For all of you Aussies on the list, hope you've heard of
the new Fiery Food Expo in Sydney on Aug. 28-30 at The Rocks.  I'll
be there.  Haven't seen too much action from Oz CH's on the Digest, but
I know there are lots out there.  Just more reticent to join in than
Americans.  (with notable exceptions like crazy luke-in-oz [hi Luke]).
cheers BB