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Valerie (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 13:51:19 -0400

my .03 worth.....
Lambert Airport in St Louis MO has a "Cheers" resteraunt
which serves Legal's clam chowdah. And Logan Airport in
Boston has Legal Seafoods all over the place.  Dunno if 
other airports have em or not.... I thought it was kinda
strange that Cheers was in St Louis. Maybe it's a nationwide
chain now? If so, maybe they all serve Legal's chowdah....
(please note the correct spelling of the word :)
As far as comparing recipe vs. resteraunt... hopefully my 
computer didn't eat the email with the posted recipe cuz I'll
try it out!

The Old Bear wrote:
> At 08:58 AM 6/3/98 -0500, Cameron Begg <> wrote:
> >
> >"So, does anyone who has both made chowder using this recipe and
> >also tasted the Real Thing have an opinion . . .
> >
> >That would have to be a job for someone on the East Coast with access to
> >both the Legal Seafood restaurants and the ingredients. How about it Mr.
> >Bear?
> As I wrote before:
> | The irony of my posting this recipe is that I have a
> | food allergy to fish.  :(
> Maybe Charles Demas or one of the other Boston area chileheads
> can do the experiment.
> Cheers,
> The Old Bear


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