FW: [CH] el nino? el @!*&^$%

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:58:59 -0400

Come up to Cookstown, Ontario.  We dipped below freezing last night
and there are frost warnings for the area.  Just got in from covering
all my peppers/tomatoes/beans with tarps, plastic, etc.

3 weeks ago we were in the 80's.

I was lamenting my small plants on the weekend but it sure was easier
to cover them.

Gil ( refusing to turn the heat back on ) White

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melbourne (FL, don't get too excited there Luke!) registered a
whopping 107 degrees yesterday. Today, the heat index here will rise
to around 110 degrees.
at this point, I can only look out the kitchen window and mourn.  all
those sweet little blossoms...(sigh).  oh well, at least now I can
save the money I was going to use for "Too Many Peppers".  thanks
again, el nino (*&^%*&)


mad dogs and englishmen, baby.