[CH] Need Pepper plant info

Renae (rchurch@pscosf.peru.edu)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 08:50:39 -0500

Sorry, I know such places have been mentioned in the list before, but I've
had to clear archives for space reasons.  Being fairly new to making salsa,
I didn't know that so many different peppers were used for various salsa
recipes.  Anyway, I just got this wonderful cookbook including salsas and
recados (La Parilla by Reed Hearron) and found out that the few pepper
varieties I planted just aren't going to cover my needs. 

Does anyone know a mail order source where I might, at this late date, get
a poblano plant and an arbol plant? Next question for the pepper-growing
wizards who frequent this list (I feel soooo unworthy with my few plants
and one year of growing experience), will these two types of chile survive
the excessive humidity of my summer here in northwest Missouri? TIA.

Jim, hope you have lots of help or some kind of mechanical picking
equipment for the harvest on those 12,000(!) plants in the field! 300 at
home?? -- I'm afraid I'll have trouble keeping up with my paltry dozen. I'm
in absolute awe.