[CH] Mail order shops... was: Recommendations for mail order "gift

Dan Cole (dcole@roanoke.infi.net)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 10:49:47 -0400

I just wanted to report back to the list the suggestions that I have gotten
for internet mail-order hot-sauce shops.





I actually wound up using Sam McGee's because they had the most
comprehensive web-site (with a good paragraph describing every sauce and
even ingredient lists for every one of them), plus encrypted on-line
purchasing, but Coyote Moon seemed to have the best prices (especially with
their "pick 12 sauces for $42" deal), for those who know what they are
looking for. I am just now getting so that I recognize names of sauces that
have been recommended in this list, so I needed the crutch of the
descriptions on the Sam McGee site.

Standard disclaimer (no affiliation, etc.)

Dan Cole
Roanoke, VA