[CH] Toronto Sauce Spots and Pizza

John Sargant (goldcoin@interlog.com)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 18:09:48 -0400

I think this location has been posted before but in case people missed it,
the Red Devil (14 Duncan, near King) has a selection of sauces for sale at
the front of the restaurant. I cannot comment on the food as I only stopped
for a pint (Robinson's Big Red on tap - I suppose this makes me a tosspot
in search of a sauce spot) in the bar but the bartender told me they have a
hot sauce bar in the dining room for sampling. 

I think the Whistling Oyster across Duncan has some Melinda's products on
sale as well as on the counter for doctoring your oyster.

Toronto pizzerias seem to be offering more throw-ins with your basic
pizza-wing-Coke combo. I've seen bags of cookies, frozen cakes, lottery
tickets and even disposable cameras on offer but today I got a flyer from
2-4-1 that offers a free bottle of Tabasco (size unspecified). I'd be happy
if I could get a pizza like the ones we used to order up in Windsor.