[CH] Cheap hot sauces

Frank J. Hashek (pepperking@mindspring.com)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:40:33 -0500


>Reply-To: Sarah Banick <sarah.banick@vpea.gatech.edu>
>Hello everyone --
>My relatively-new boyfriend collects hot sauces (can I pick 'em or what?).
>Not your fancy-schmansy $5 bottles -- he goes for the cheapest stuff
>around, preferably under $1 a bottle. 

Hope he spends money on you ;-)

> So we're curious, where does this stuff really
>come from? Surely not Minnesota.

Probably bottled under private label by a bigger plant in LA.  After all,
there is only so much you can do with your basic Tobasco/Cayenne and
vinegar Louisiana sauce.

 And what's the story behind the off-brand
>sauces -- are they really the same as the pricier ones, 
>Thanks, Sarah