[CH] Re: Pork Chops with Pears in Sherry

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 16:34:19 -0700

Deb deForest wrote:
> Hi, Doug.  Did the same thing with some Calvin's on a pork chop just the>snipped<
Hi Deb...The recipe was pure Doug, the only part Calvin played in it was
that chile powder of his! Anyway, here is Sherried Pork & Pears
4	boneless pork chops, well trimmed
2	large, firm ripe Anjou pears
1	tbls lemon juice	
1	good shake of cinnamon
2	tbls brown sugar
1/4	cup dry sherry
1-2 habs chopped fine
good shake of Calvins chile powder or other 
4	pieces of firm marg or butter, about teaspoon each
a little cornstarch & water to thicken
Cut pears in half and remove the center core and the stem, sprinkle with
the lemon juice so they wont go brown, and set aside..put a little oil
in pan and brown the chops on both sides, high heat, quickly, and remove
chops to an oven proof baking dish. Place the cut pears pieces on or
around the pork chops,cut side up, sprinkle with the brown sugar and the
cinnamon, and the habs, and put a chunk of butter or marg in the center
of each pear piece...PUT THE CHILE powder on NOW...not before like old
stupid did!Then pour the sherry over all. and pop into a 325F oven for
about 40 minutes until the meat is tender
The juice will come out of the pears, and mix with the sherry, so
thicken the liquid with a little cornstarch & water...This is a terrific
dish, I have been doing it since about 1980! I served this last night
with sweet potato, but rice,or pasta would go equally well with
it..serves 2, to serve more, just double or triple or whatever!
Just do not sprinkle the hot chile powder over the pork chops while they
are browning! Enjoy, Doug in BC