RE: [CH] Cheap hot sauces

marxman (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 15:55:09 +0200

> Up here in Boston, I get Melinda's XXX at Bread & Circus, a yuppy
> grocery store for $2.10 a bottle :-). I get two cases at a time &
> keep bottles in
> the car, friend's car, office, girlfriend's house, etc. The same
> type of stores are also in NJ. The name will be different, but
> look for REALLY
> expensive veggies.

Hey, as a former team member of the Whole Foods chain, parent of bread and
Circus <now that they've eaten all the competing stores up>, I can say that
the chain has a pretty good selection of hot sauces in general, and always
seemed to stock the whole line of Melindas without fail. As for the
expensive veggies, are you comparing the organics to the conventionally
grown ones? If so, no fair.... those organics are worth the price and taste
way better. Besides, I'll betcha they aren't so expensive if you think of
them as prevention in health care.... ;-)

Making fresh salsa in Flanders, James, don't spare the cilantro!!

Diane, ex-buyer for the A2 Michigan produce team <tear in eye and thinking
of home> <G>