[CH] Big Island Eats?

Robert L (rlusk12@earthlink.net)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 12:02:36 -0700

We're honeymooning in Hawaii (Big Island & Molokai) in a few weeks and
am interested in any resturant reccomendations. We will be staying in
Kona but will no doubt be all over  the island.  The heat level of the
food/resturant need not be the #1 priority (gasp).
    Garden notes:   The dreaded El Nino has kept the sun hours here in
Los Angeles to minimum but the plants seem to be doing very well.  The
Pasilla's, New Mex, Jalepenos, Hot Wax, Anaheim, Cayenne, Thai,
Superchile,  Red Bells, and tomatoes are all bearing fruit.  The Red
Habs, orange habs, rooster spur, datils, orange habs, Scotch Bonnets and
Serranos are all flowering.
    Has it been anyone elses experience that Serranos are especially
susecptable to pests?
With all of the above varieties in the garden, the bugs/slugs seem to
perfer the serranos above all others.

Robert Lusk

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