Re: [CH] tellicherry

Jim Bardsley (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 15:51:53 -0100

If you ever get a chance to stock on black peppercorns from Ponape ( PON-uh-pay),
an island in Micronesia, by all means do so. They're wonderfully rich and pungent,
and to my evaluation have more 'taste' than most black pepper- really great for
peppercrusted steaks and so on.


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> Tellicherry pepper is one of the highest grades of black pepper and is
> harvested along the Malabar coast of India.  Another high quality
> peppercorn is Lampong.  They are both the dried, slightly underripe berries
> which grow in grape-like clusters on the climbing vine Piper nigrum.
> Good luck with the inspection!
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