Re: [CH] chile fermentation recipe V8 #510

Cameron Begg (
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 13:08:41 -0500

Hi C-H's,

Donnie from Little Rock asked:

>Anyone have a good recipe for fermenting chiles?
>I'm looking for something similar to the way they make tabasco sauce 
>- with pepper mash, water, and salt.
>What's the best way to store it as it ferments?

Kris Blennow and I had a fairly long exchange on this topic a few 
years ago. I don't think we ever really understood exactly what was 
going on, but we came up with some methods for fermenting chile mash. 
My method depended upon salt tolerant yeasts to do the job in a mash 
of 15-18% salt. I did it in a gallon wine making jar with an airlock. 
What you end up with is Tabasco concentrate. Commercially this is cut 
it with vinegar before being sold.
                      Regards,               Cameron.