[CH] Fermented hot peppers

Scates, Dannie (DANNIES@aiinet.com)
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 13:32:58 -0500

Donnie asked for information about fermenting peppers
My current favorite method for making an aged hot sauce:
1. (optional) Make fermented sauerkraut using cabbage and 3% to 6% salt or
something close. (Keep the cabbage weighted at least 1-2 in below surface of
2. Keep the scum skimmed till ready to make hot sauce. (Better to cover
tightly with plastic wrap and a rubber band to prevent the scum)
3. Grind up the ripe peppers (blender, food processor, knife, maybe even a
Corona mill, finer is better)
4. Mix 3% to 6% by weight canning salt and a few ounces of kraut juice with
the pepper pulp, pack in a kraut container. (I am using clear plastic, no
hollow handle, 1 galon  juice jug not more than 3/4 full because it expands
or builds up pressure)
5. Weigh down as if making sauerkraut ( I use plastic bags partly filled
with 10% salt water, in case the bag breaks) and keep covered so no air gets
in ( I use a wine airlock in a stopper)and the scum cleared off for a few
6. When ready to can, I use a Foley Food Mill to separate the sauce from
seeds and peel.
	I dry the seed and peel in a dehydrator on wax paper liners and
later grind into an aged magic dust.
7. I add about 1 quart vinegar to 3 quarts pepper sauce.( adjust to suit
	Use pepper powder to adjust heat and taste to suit.
8. Boil in a stainless pot, hot pack, put on canning lids, and process in
hot water bath canner like tomato sauce.

Follow all safety and accepted practices.
Enjoy both an aged hot sauce and a magic powder with a slight aged flavor.
 Dannie S