[CH] Re:Emus and raising jalepenos (separate issues!!)

Thu, 19 Mar 1998 08:24:53 +1000

Ok Ok not a bad description of an Emu other than the fact that every adult
emu I've seen has been 5 ft plus.

The meat is gaining popularity as it is particularly low in fat (what they
get fo living in deserts I suppose).

On another point, I raised several sorts of chiles from seed this year
(habs, birdseyes, mulatos, scotch bonnets and serranos) but for some
reason, jalapenos I planted didn't germinate (I tried a couple of

All seedlings were planted at the same time raised in a vermiculite/perlite
mix (for transferring to a hydroponic system after germination).

Any ideas why no jalapenos.  Was it just bad seed?  Are there any secrets
to germinating jalapenos?

Any ideas appreciated.



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Subject: [CH] Emu...Stunted Ostrich???
Author:  lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net at DAS-EMAIL
Date:    11/3/98 16:56

Hi! [ From ED, not EDI <G>]
Cant believe none of our CHeres from the land of Oz, one of the
 Kiwi Chers
didnt jump on this.  Too much of the "Get-to-gether  Fest,eh? If I can
remember correctly, an Emu is rather like the runt of the litter in the
flightless " Big F**'g Birds". Runs like all get out and stands no more
than about 3FT tall.
Brown Meat?? Or some white?[ Gawd...what a straight line!!] BTW: I am still
awaiting for some CHer in Anzack -land to [
jokingly ] come
up w/ Long-pig and Hab dinner recipe<g>
All done in fun folks! It has appeared that my dry-ish sense of [?] humour
has possibly offended some one or two out there in the past.
Mea Culpa if so. Not intended.
Ed Calvert