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JIM LECLERE (jlec95@fyiowa.infi.net)
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:41:04 -0600

Hi again.. Is there something wrong with the list mailhost or
something? I've posted this message twice &I've never seen it in print
on the list. Thanks to Michael Bowers for the reply.  My message:

> Hi all.... I've been reading this list for a while(thank you) and now I
> would like to ask for some help. I live in East-Central Iowa ,and I had
> over 100 chile seedlings sprouted & about ½" tall. Then the screw-up:
> it was supposed to be cool(30's) and cloudy, so I left the seedlings in
> their trays with the plastic "greenhouse" dome left on. Well, the sun
> came out, & by the time I got home the temp in the trays was 98° ....
> the seedlings were all pale & laying flat...COOKED.  Now for the help
> request. Would you please e-mail me if you know of a good place to buy
> some CHOICE varieties of chile plants. By this I mean varieties other
> than the common ones sold at supermarkets & discount stores(Jalapeño,
> Cayenne, Habanero, etc.) I would like to pick them up myself, so if you
> know of a source of plants with a range of choice a Chile-Head would
> endorse, please let me know. Anywhere from Chicago to St. Louis to
> Kansas City or any  towns in these areas would be of interest, as the
> trip  will be half the fun, the plants the other half. I start 120 +/-
> every year & give the excess to my friends. I'm interested in several
> varieties of Hab./Scotch Bonnet, Rocoto's, Aji's , & any other var.
> that's different that you think I should try. I'd like making a 2-day
> trip to pick up some different plants to replace the ones I cooked. With
> our shorter growing season I don't want to re-start seeds. Some of those
> S. American varieties take forever to mature. So, if you know of a place
> that sells chile  plants in a wide variety, please let me know.
> Thanks for any help you can give me.......Jim LeClere
>                                        jlec95@fyiowa.infi.net

  I would like the E-mail address of the Chile Woman or any other 
source of "choice" chile plants.  Also, is this listserver always this
screwed up or is it my mailhost? Sure hope this makes it into print on
the list so I know it gets through. Also, anywhere reasonably close to
the cities mentioned will be alright . Will someone please respond with
a name or address I can use. Thanks & I hope this makes it into
print....Jim LeClere