Re: [CH] RE:Emu

Hobby Farmer (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 07:29:28 -0500

> Can anyone explain what an EMU is, and has anyone tried this
 > Burning" Hot Sauce(s)?
> I don't know about emu, but I suspect it is similar to ostrich. I have
> had ostrich several times. It is a lean, red meat. I would liken it to
> cheap beef loin. Dense, dry and not overly tasty. Pound it before
> cooking and use an acid/oil marinade. I would only buy it if it was
> cheaper than beef. Even then, I would be eyeing the Angus porterhouse.
> It is supposed to be a healty meat. My take on this less fat thing is-
> eat smaller amounts of better tasting food. Fat is your friend.

Try for Emu info.

Hobby Farmer