[CH] Fwd: Ralph's Revenge (HOLY COW!!!!!!!)

danceswthcarp ! (danceswithcarp@hotmail.com)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 07:36:06 PST

I saw you was all talking about hot hot sauces, and since I was just the 
Beta for Mild To Wild's newest effort, I thought I recommend it to you 
by sharing this review.    It is a hot hot sauce indeed.

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 19:00:14 -0500 (EST)
From: danceswithcarp <dcombs@bloomington.in.us>
To: Jim Campbell <mwph2hot@indy.net>
Subject: Ralph's Revenge (HOLY COW!!!!!!!)

Wow, Jim;  Levi and I both tried a little more than a half-teaspoon each 
of "Ralph's Revenge" straight up.  Whoa.  I'd give it at least a 9.5.  
The hab flavor hides the vinegar real well, and the initial fire isn't 
too bad, but after about 60 seconds the heat-climb is truly incredible. 
Did you use Red Savina(tm) instead of hab? Shoot, I'd think about 
changing the name to "HOLY COW!!!!!,"  because that's what Levi and I 
muttered for over a half-hour afterwards. 

So's anyways, once I lived with this IU rugby player and we kept the 
team mascot--a pig in a red shirt--at our house in a makeshift-pen.  The 
pig's name was "Moose." Moose was meaner than an irritated sea-snake and 
everytime you'd go to water him or feed him he'd chase you away.  So my 
buddy, in a drunkenly astute moment, decided he'd had enough of that 
lack of gratitude, so he poured steaming hot water into Moose's bowl.  
Moose came charging, Greg jumped out of the pen, and Moose stuck his 
snout right into that hot water. He squealed and backed up and snorted 
while he eyeballed us with those little black marble-like eyes of his, 
like he couldn't believe we'd suckered him; And then he walked right 
back up to that bowl and stuck his snout in it again with the same 
result as if he was just checking to make sure it had really happened.

Ahem.  So in the spirit of Moose, tonight I put about a half-teaspoon of 
Ralph's Revenge on a 12 oz. nicely-marbled prime sirloin steak and then 
glommed on a London Pub sweet steak sauce, oh, maybe 4 tablespoons 
wirth, to where between the fat and the sugar it ought to have toned it 


Man, that stuff is *HOT*.  The only thing other than Dave's 
(artificially enhanced) Insanity Sauce to compare it to, is some stuff 
Erin and I canned two summers ago from some seriously heat-stressed 
habs.  We named it "Takes Your Breath Away." One half pint of it mixed 
with 5 lbs of sweet potatoes and molasses makes a batch of "Baby's 

As you can see from a 1/2 pint to 5lb of starch mix comparison, I'm
telling you RR is _dangerous_.  I'd get a little sticker and to put on 
the bottle telling people it's "The Hottest All Natural Sauce In 
Existence" just to lower liability.

I love the stuff.  But I won't trifle with it.  It really is the hottest 
non-enhanced commercially bottled sauce I've tasted.  You can post this 
endorsement/warning of the sauce to the CH-list or on your page or 
wherever you want.  Levi and I both test sauces by the half-teaspoon and 
other than DIS and the original atrificially enhanced Endorphin Rush, 
this is the only one to whip us.

Great Effort.  But you might want to warn people.......


>ps:  In case you're wondering, Moose was excellent with a cayenne
>spiced BBQ sauce.

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