Re: [CH] TRULY HOT sauce recommendations??? [long reply]

Senor Chile Monger (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:07:17 -0800

Just throwing my two cents in on the discussion.  If you're looking for heat
and flavor enhancement IMHO powders are the way to go.  I've got several
varieties, Jim's Apple Smoked, Calvin's Essence, and I just ground up a
handful of Jim's  Chipotles to a coarse powder that is excellent!  I also
oven dry and grind up my own Habs.  Because of the ratio of fresh to dried
(around 10 to 1, roughly) you're concentrating a lot more heat and flavor
into a smaller volume.  

I don't go anywhere without a shaker of something.  It's smaller that a
bottle of hot sauce and much less embarassing to my wife.