Re: [CH] Micks _Beyond Buzztail_ Hab Pepper Jelly

danceswthcarp ! (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 17:00:58 PST

>Anyway.  It appears that the great state of Washington actually  
>produces a respectable Hab Pepper Jelly.  This is out of Yakima, > 
Washington--toward central Washington.  ((I'm in Seattle area.))

Ah, Yakima:  Land of The Artillery Impact Area; where you _never_ kick 
anything that looks like a dud.  I defended you all from the Rooskies 
there about 203 years ago.  Never got invaded on my watch either. 

We have a couple of jars of "Mick's Peppouri" pepper jellies that we 
picked up at the Pike Place Market in Seattle last summer.  One marked 
"hot" and the other "XX-Hot."  They were made in Yakima.  They have a 
good chutney-kind of taste.  And their heat is okay too, but I like the 
hab flavor more than the heat.  They beat out most commercial pepper 
jellies from these parts (Indy-by-gawd-anna).

>   Stephen Gutknecht
>   Renton, Washington

Me Pa-in-law lives up on the Benson Highway.  The missus grew up there.  
Momma-In-Law is in Federal Way. We're trying to get there again this 
July.  Over in Aberdeen is the best Mexie restaraunt in existence.  
Fergit the name, it was after some womyn.  Best refried beans I ever et.  
Had big boxes of old tabloids sitting around for you to read while yer 
food was cooked.

Great state, that.


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