[CH] package arrival

kay buie (kaybuie@softcom.net)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 17:14:33 -0800

I'm sorry to not post this privately but I have misplaced Wolfgang's address.

Dear Wolfgang,

Your package arrived two days ago and I have torn the house up looking for
your email address.  Of course I couldn't have done anything sensible with
it like put it in my file for safekeeping.  OOH, NOOOOOOOOO. That would be
too simple.  Anyhoo, we got your most generous offering of delectable
chocolate bars plus pumpernickel bread.  Everything arrived in excellent
shape and Lorraine and I are happily munching our way through it.

A thousand thanks.  Look for your package in, what?, a couple-three more weeks.

Kindest regards,