[CH] Re: Seafood Chili and Cioppino

George Nelson (70431.3065@compuserve.com)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:03:37 -0500

supervisor@scudder.sbceo.k12.ca.us (Senor Chile Monger) wrote:

"When you say seafood chile I think of something like...[Italian Cioppino]
...only "augemented", of course, with the appropriate amounts of chiles..."

Bravissimo, and thanks for posting a recipe.  I visited Johnny's, a Soulard
area St. Louis bar, on Friday and had a taste of their version of Cioppino
that had a fair touch of heat, and an excellent flavor balance.

The amply charming young lady tending bar indicated she did not
particularly care for it.  She did evidence remarkable intuition;  my boss
and I both ordered the red beans and rice, but she looked me in the eye to
ask, "Do you want Tobasco with that?"   (How did she know?)

George Nelson