RE: [CH] Micks _Beyond Buzztail_ Hab Pepper Jelly

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Sun, 22 Mar 1998 17:18:05 -0800

(I don't know why, but I used the wrong e-mail mailbox for my last
message FROM address.  I use a separate mailbox for each mailing list.
That way when I go weeks without reading some lesser-used lists, I don't
have to sort.  Anyway, is an address I use for a
list that is planning a trip through south America in a Volkswagen van
that starts 9/2/2000 and intends to spend Christmas and New year
01/01/2001 in the southern most city of South America.  Ok, enough off

> Ah, Yakima:  Land of The Artillery Impact Area; where you _never_ kick
> anything that looks like a dud.  I defended you all from the Rooskies 
> there about 203 years ago.  Never got invaded on my watch either. 

I haven't made it to Yakima yet.  "Apple valley" they call it.  I've got
a vW event planned there in the fall, will make it then.  Didn't know it
was a military area..

> We have a couple of jars of "Mick's Peppouri" pepper jellies that we 
> picked up at the Pike Place Market in Seattle last summer.  One marked
> "hot" and the other "XX-Hot."  They were made in Yakima.  They have a 
> good chutney-kind of taste.  And their heat is okay too, but I like
> the 
> hab flavor more than the heat.  They beat out most commercial pepper 
> jellies from these parts (Indy-by-gawd-anna).

Yep, they always sell it at Pike's Place Market.  Boy -- have I been
spoiled.  The last two places I have lived is Dallas and Philadelphia.
Including Seattle, three cities with awesome markets (Dallas is produce
only -- peppers!).

Anyway, Micks has two grades _beyond_ what you had.  "Buzztail" and the
one I'm citing, "Beyond Buzztail".  The "XX-Hot" was good -- but not
nearly the hab flavor and heat of _Beyond Buzztail_.  I had to ask them
if they had anything hotter -- they didn't have this on display!

Ingredients show:  "sugar, peppers, vinegar, corn syrup, citric acid,
pectin".  The front says "XXX-HOT" and clearly says "Habanero Pepper
jelly" -- I believe Habs are the _only_ peppers in this variety.

> Me Pa-in-law lives up on the Benson Highway.  The missus grew up
> there.  
> Momma-In-Law is in Federal Way. We're trying to get there again this 
> July.  Over in Aberdeen is the best Mexie restaraunt in existence.  
> Fergit the name, it was after some womyn.  Best refried beans I ever
> et.  
> Had big boxes of old tabloids sitting around for you to read while yer
> food was cooked.

Hey, please keep me in mid when you come to town!  I'll take you out to
_Dixie's BBQ_ and you can meet _The Man_ -- this is a home-made sauce on
par with Dave's Insanity -- without the bitter extract flavor.  It is
mostly reduced peppers, I don't believe any extract.  And the
ribs/chicken/Tuesday catfish are all awesome.  Bellevue, Washington --
(not 4 miles from Microsoft HQ).

Can you get some more details of the place in Aberdeen?  Coming from
Dallas (2 years ago), I was at first disappointed.  However, I've found
that there are indeed a few good Mexican places.  Two actually within
distance.  Like most, certain dishes stand out...

   Stephen Gutknecht
   Renton, Washington