[CH] Re: Re The Article that Guy was Writing

Michael Bailes (frgntgar@ozemail.com.au)
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 02:23:51 +1100

At 3:35 PM +1100 20-11-98, lukasz wrote:
>Do You know when it will come out in the Australian newspaper or
>the Magazine Good Taste ?????
>			Laconic Luke
he rang me today and asked
I said I didnt know
Perhaps it was the taste
The initiation in fire
The fact we knew somthing that a lot of others dien't
Buggered if I know.
I'ts going to go in one of those gourmet fantasy mags (the ones without the
fold out pages Luke)
I'm sure your mention he promised me a freeby will let you know when i see it
I feel very in debt to you for your help and company on Chilli weekrend.
How can I repay you?
Re previous post
I will take lots of picies over the next few weeks

Jeff the Cheff et al went to Rattlesnake grill last week
Loved it
 wonderfu,l inventive, intelligent cooking. Very little heat but flavours
to die for.
Jeff volunteered to wash up for a month to learn some secrets.

 2am very little wine left in bottle.

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