Re: [CH] Bits & Bobs

Michael Bailes (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 02:13:28 +1100

At 6:05 AM +1100 16-3-98, Jonathan T. Smillie wrote:
>At 07:46 PM 3/14/98 -0800, Randy wrote:
>>It's probably been discussed on the list before, but I'd be curious to
>>hear of other's experiences with people's reactions upon finding out
>>we are ChileHeads.  It may be standard answers but here's a few I get:
>>1) Will give you ulcers
Will probably cure them see scientific literature
>>2) Will eat holes in your stomach
This has been tested too by pouring pure capacacin into stomach and then
watching with camera.
How come Chillies attract so many urban myths?
Should we have a myth section in the archives?

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