Re: [CH] Lighting

Tony Lill (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:29:41 GMT

>>>>> "Lynn" == Lynn Edwards <> writes:

    Lynn> MidNite RamBler wrote:
    >> does anyone have any experience with Sylvania Gro-Lux
    >> fluorescents?  They are supposed to be used for plant growing
    >> and The Pepper Garden also mentions them as preffered by many ,
    >> but are they good for vegetative growth, or for the flowering
    >> stage? Are cool-whites better for vegetative growth?

    Lynn> I don't know about flowering or fruiting under fluorescents
    Lynn> since I'm using the sun by that time.

I keep my plants under cool whites and the odd full spectrum
(depending in what's on sale), and they flower and bear fruit all
winter. The key to growing chili's under lights is volume, not

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