Re: [CH] Nopalitos?

Paulino Garcia (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 10:06:24 -0800

Paul, Nopalitos o Nopales are a very popular vegetable used in Mexico,
and you can find them in Mexico all year round. In USA Nopales are
becoming popular as well, and now you can find them in some general
American supermarkets besides all Hispanic Food Stores.

Nopales are Cactus Leaves, and to the best of my knowledge this kind
of Cactus are native from Mexico.

In the following web address you will find a better Nopales description
and a picture of them.

I hope this help you.

Paulino Garcia

Paul Richards wrote:
> Now for my next question;
> While browsing through some Mexican recipe's, I came across a requirement
> for "one can or bottle of Nopalitos". There is no other mention of them in
> the book, so can somebody please tell me what they are? Not that it will be
> much use, as they will no doubt turn out to be as hard to find as
> tomatillo's over here in the UK. (Actually, if any UK CH's have any info on
> that I would be greatful).
> Thanks
> Paul