[CH] O.K., Once and For All, What is the Hottest Pepper?

MLSauceCo (MLSauceCo@aol.com)
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 12:38:20 EST

Hi, I'm the new guy.  

With a name like "chili-heads" maybe someone can finally answer this question
for me definitively (I wonder how many times this has been asked).  

What is the hottest pepper?

First I hear it's the Habanero.  Then the Red Savina.  Next is some pepper out
of Guam (the name escapes me, but it's small & round; looks almost like a
bell, and is red).

I've been reading here and there and from what i gather the Habanero is still
the king of heat.  But not all habs, the peppers heat depends on variables
(climate, seed, etc).   

Am I right? 

thanks for listening anyway