[CH] Some gardening stuff

Andie Paysinger (asenji@earthlink.net)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 22:39:35 +0000

I invested in a couple of soil heating cables from Lee Valley tools and
the results have been remarkable.  I put them in a couple of raised beds
and planted my seeds outside two weeks ago.  I covered the beds with a
plastic row cover.  Most of the seeds have germinated and there are
sturdy little seedlings that do not look as spindly as the ones I grew
indoors under lights.

For those interested in the Excalibur dehydrator,  Worms Way has the 5
tray unit for 179.95 and the 9 tray unit for 219.95.    look them up on
the web  at   http://www.wormsway.com/
They also  the Tahiti Joe's  hot sauces.    This is also the place I get
my  beneficial insects from.  A good resource.   I am strictly a
customer, I have no other  connection with either of these companies.

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