[CH] Lesson learned! :)

Brad Charbonneau (nz1y@hotmail.com)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 22:35:05 PST

Hi folks,
     Just thought I'd share a story.  Last night, i decided that I'd
take one of the habs out of my freezer and eat it plain.  I had gotten
used to putting a tablespoon or so of powder on each meal w/o much
problem, so i looked at an orange hab and it looked SO delicious.
I started to eat it.  It tasted really nice..>THEN the heat hit me
and boy did it hit me.  I got halfway through it before I called it
quits, at which point my mouth was burning so much that I was
salivating just like a dog does when it sees its meal.  I kept
salivating for about 10 minutes straight!  So, those little suckers
may LOOK delicious, but not for straight consumption, at least not
YET for me anyway!  :)

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