[CH] sauce panel

Mary L. Going (mary@firegirl.com)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 08:06:59 -0400

Hey Yall,

I want to create a sauce tasting panel of people, say about 4 to 6 people,
who will receive free sauce, taste it, maybe cook with it, and then rate it
on my web page.

Volunteers should have writing skills, and enough time to actually do the
tasting and get the review up on the site within a reasonable amount of
time. Also, I'm hoping the panel can include the same people for an
extended period of time, so please only volunteer if you can commit

Because of shipping costs, and the time to ship something outside the US, I
ask that all volunteers be in the continental US. In addition, you'll
provide me with a picture of yourself, which might then be made into a
cartoon version of you, so be sure you'd be ok with that kind of thing.

If this sounds like fun to you, please find some sauce in your refrigerator
and email me with a brief review of it, so I can get a sense of your
writing style. A diverse panel will be most welcome.

Email me at sauce@firegirl.com

- mary

FireGirl (Everybody needs a hero)
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