Re: [CH] Hottest horseradish

Blue Rider (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 21:49:48 -1000

John Mitchell wrote:

> Anyone out there have the secret for making horseradish that would
> take
> your breath away??? There has to be a secret to making some
> horseradish
> that is much hotter than others as I find there is a big difference
> between batches I've tried. It sure would be nice to know how to
> consistently make the equivalent of "hab" horseradish every time!

I doubt this'll be much help, but I remember a little bar down south of
Anchorage (couldn't find again to save me) that had Polish Dill
Horseradish Pickles that were interesting, to say the least.   Everybody
urged you to try them, and when you were ready to take your first bite,
the whole bar went dead silent.  All eyes on the FNG.The first bite
roasted yr. tongue off with horseradish HOT , but you didn't really
notice, as you were clutching the bar with a death grip trying to
remember how to breathe.  My sinuses were clear for months after that.
Boy, were those pickles GOOD!
So hang in there, it is possible!!