[CH] (CH) Fertilizing Seedlings

LaVerne R. Galbraith (lgalbraith@sprynet.com)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:35:45 -0000

Aloha Chile Heads,
I have read about fertilizing the Chile seedlings and I know what
type fertilizer to use, but, I don't Know how much fertilizer to
use or how often I should use it.  I have a good crop of Habs,
Super Chili Hybrids, Caribbean Reds, Thai Hot Dragon Hybrids and
Jamaica Scotch Bonnets.  The Chiltepins have not come up yet.  I
guess they are slower to germinate than the rest.  Those that are
up are about two inches tall.  Any help will be greatly

LaVerne R. Galbraith
Makaha, Hawaii