Re: [CH] The Fragrant Garden Chili Festival

lukasz (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 03:14:52 +1000

Herman , Luke made the long trip down from Coffs Harbour ,Can't
remember the Kilometers but it took about 6-7 hours (yes the
Highway 1 is still a goat Track),do you remember a guy running
aroud in a Tabasco T shirt -
That was me ,You will have to sign It as you were there .
One can never have too many Chile Plants ! One just has to find
Accomodating relatives/friends/neighbours/etc
Got to Agree with you on James Meshgins Prices for sauces -Ouch
I was tempted to Ask him if he Air freighted them in For the
Red Hot Chile Mamas- Well If i Had stayed for sunday night it
might have been a menage a cinq .
5000 people thru the gate and another 5-600 sneaking in the back
gate to get out of paying the AUD$2 bucks!
Michael will have another festival next year !!!-Or Else 
Heck I'll be there again, may even ask jeff the Chef if I can
make a dish,<G> Chile-Head Special
See you then If not Before 
			Regards Luke the Pain-ter