[CH] The Fragrant Garden Chili Festival

Herman H. Fredriksson (herm@ugrad.phys.unsw.edu.au)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:52:36 +1000 (EST)

	Its been a few weeks now since the Fragrant Garden Chilli Festival
and I do feel guilty that its taken me this long to report back on it. My wife
and I made the long trip up to Erina from Western Sydney (some 102 kilometres)
on the Saturday and got there about midday. What can I say? I was blown
away by the range of chile plants Mike had on display and for sale, infact
the whole event impressed the hell out of me. I am sad I didn't get to meet
some of the members on the list. I think I caught a glimpse of Michael Bailes
once or twice (if you are the tall distinguished looking gentleman who
seemed to be everywhere- from drawing raffles at stalls to announcing the Red 
Hot Chile Mummas and more.)
	Despite me promising myself that I wouldn't buy any more chile plants,
(I have far too many as it is :-) I ended up getting a Fatalii and a
Datil Pepper plant. I bought a bottle of Blaires Death Sauce from one
of the stalls ($15 was a little steep however).  I tried the Mango-Hab
Chicken for lunch (found it dissapointingly mild though had good
flavour), my wife had the chile sausages which she said were quite
nice. The atmosphere of lunch was just wonderful with the Red Hot
Chilli Mummas entertaining the masses...
	But really, what can I say? I don't believe that Michael Bailes
seriously considered this being the last Chilli Festival. The Fragrant
Garden Chilli Festival was quite clearly one of the most successful
events I've seen. Infact, when I was leaving, I nearly couldn't get out
of Portsmouth Road for all the cars still arriving!

Thank you Michael Bailes and all the staff at The Fragrant Garden.

Best Wishes,
Herman H. Fredriksson <herm@newt.phys.unsw.edu.au>