[CH] Horseradish

Joanne Barton (barjo@elwood.pionet.net)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 22:08:23 -0600 (CST)

Elsa, I have to know more about the horseradish. I have a good sized patch
that just exists. I have never done anything to improve it. Should I dig out
some roots and start another one?  The roots seem to be rather gnarled and
crooked. When I made horseradish last year, I just grated it and put in
refrig in tightly closed jar. I don't think I added vinegar. Did you use
white vinegar? My horseradish didn't have much heat.
I had some horseradish in KS-I was used to horseradish sauce (mixed with
sour cream) and this was the straight stuff. I had a spot on top of my head
the size of a silver dollar that I was sure was open to my brain. Never felt
anything like that-even habs. Had to keep feeling to be sure my hair and
skin was all there, and wasn't smoking.

I used the electric blanket and planted my seeds week ago today. I have one
pot of peppers up, tomatillos and Romas. Some of my seeds were not fresh so
may not come up but still looking several times a day. At least I am having fun.