Re: [CH] Nopalitos?

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>Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:17:57 +0000
>From: Paul Richards <>
>Subject: [CH] Nopalitos?
>Now for my next question;
>While browsing through some Mexican recipe's, I came across a 
>requirement for "one can or bottle of Nopalitos".  There is no other 
>mention of them in the book, so can somebody please tell me what 
>they are? Not that it will be much use, as they will no doubt turn 
>out to be as hard to find as tomatillo's over here in the UK. 
>(Actually, if any UK CH's have any info on that I would be greatful).

They're cactus "leaves" -- usually cut into a julienne, i.e. strips 
about 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 4 cm -- which are sold in tins or in glass 
jars in Mexican food shops.

I live in the Boston area and they are somewhat difficult to find 
here, although some gourmet shops and ethnic grocers have them.  
When I lived in San Francisco, they were just another food item to 
be found among the tins of refried beans and taco sauce in the 

See the Embassa food company web site at:

   URL: < >

and particulary the phortograph and description of nopalitos at:

    URL: < >

This photo shows the julienne slices of nopalitos which come in the 
tin, with a background of the cactus leaves from which they are cut.
The tins do *not* include the prickly uncut cactus leaves.  

The Old Bear