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>Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:18:27 -0600
>From: Rick <>
>Subject: [CH] Possible (cheap) sources for dried/powdered/flaked chile
>Stopped at the local library in St Louis and found about 10 pages of
>major chile producers across the USA. The book set was called "Thomas'
>Food Industry Register". Its a heavy 3 volume set of red books in the
>reference section of the library. The call numbers are " R 658.86
>T463". Ask your local reference librarian to help you find this book.
>It's got %^&* loads of food supplier resources. . .

Thomas' Register (a/k/a Thomas Catalog or "TomCat") is a publication
of TR Data Publishing and consists of a family of multi-volume 
"catalogs" in which manufacturers publish their brochures and 
product lists.  (The architects have something similar for building 
and constuction products called "Sweets' Catalog.")

The Thomas' Register specialty catalog called the "Thomas Food 
Industry Register" is one of their products which is available 
online at:

   URL: < >

It requires registration for access, but there is no charge for 
this.  (Manufacturers pay to be in the Thomas Register so that 
customers and prospective customers can see what they have to offer.)

The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is also available 
online at:

   URL: < >

and is a good place to search for just about anything you might need 
to run a manufacturing business, from steel to electric motors to 
uniforms to packaging equipment.

And there are also European and International editions of many of the 
Thomas Register products.

Once again, the Chile-Heads Digest comes through with little know 
facts your mother never told you.


The Old Bear