Re: [CH] Preparing pods for molcajete?

boz (
Mon, 30 Mar 98 17:59:26 PST

Fred writ-
> What is the best way to prepare a dried chile for grinding in a
> molcajete? 
> Apparently, some preparation is needed, because my first attempt at
> grinding a pod right out of the package resulted in nothing but a messy
> paste. (Any suggestions on how to clean this out of the bowl as well?)

Fred- sounds like the pods weren't dry enough.  Put them in the oven at
about 150 F  for a while before you grind them.  Expect a pizza parlor type
chile with rather coarse flakes.  

As how to clean your molcajete, I'd soak it real good by juicing about 3
limes  in it, and then using the chile/lime juice as a base for some
dynamite guacamole...

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