Re: [CH] Preparing pods for molcajete?

Buffalo Sue (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 08:58:56 -0500

OK, so I'm a little behind in responding...
> > If the air has been really humid, the dried peppers might pick up enough
> > moisture to be a little soft.  Wonder if a new turn in the dehydrator might
> > crisp them up for grinding?
I store my dried chiles in the fridge.  The low humidity (it's a
keeps them dry and brittle - perfect for grinding or simply crushing up
hand.  Even those that are leathery when I buy them will dry further.  

I also dry African Devils that I grow by simply washing, patting dry on
paper towel, and putting in the fridge in an open tray.  They are
and dry perfectly - I have never had any problems with mold or rot this
although I assume thicker-fleshed chiles may need to be cut open.  The
time I've had problems with rotting chiles are those that were in
bags and not used soon enough  :-(

Anyone know if there are any differences in "cold drying" in the fridge
drying using warmer temperatures (dehydrator, oven), kind of like
vs hot-smoking.  I suppose if the oven were set too high, it could
result in 
cooked chiles, but would there be any other differences in flavor,

Buffalo Sue

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