[CH] Re: Fertilizing Seedlings

Contrast (jhcurry@ibm.net)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 11:17:48 -0800

> Aloha Chile Heads,
> I have read about fertilizing the Chile seedlings and I know what
> type fertilizer to use, but, I don't Know how much fertilizer to
> use or how often I should use it. 

 You shouldn't fertilize chile seedlings until transplant time, assuming
your babies are in containers. If so, work compost into the beds now.
I've had good results using 1/4 cup bonemeal and 1/4 cup kelp meal
worked into the each hole at transplant time. Then I use about an inch
or so depth of compost as a mulch around each plant. 
 If you started your chiles outdoors in the garden, just use dilute fish
emulsion or compost tea every two weeks or so until the plants take off.
Then just sit back, smile, and wait. 
 You didn't mention what type of fertilizer you said you planned to use.
Chilies don't need the heavy doses that sweet peppers require. Please be
careful if you use a liquid kelp meal. It contains a variety of growth
hormones, and too much will produce large leafy plants with delayed
fruiting. This is ok if you're after the leaves for some dishes. Just
watch out on the plants you are growing primarily for fruit.
 If you are talking about using chemical fertlizers, you may be on the
wrong track. This stuff will cause your babies to become dependent on
it, while toxifying the soil and destroying the beneficial organisms you
will need for future success. This results in many plant deseases and a
ton of money to keep the habit fed. 
 Good luck.