[CH] Nopalito recipe

Paul Richards (paular@zoo.co.uk)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:16:35 +0000

Thanks for all the helpful replies to my question of Nopalitos. Here is the
recipe that raised the question - hopefully in a couple of weeks time, I
shall be able to try it out for myself;


3lb/1.3 kg beef, cut in 2inch (5cm) cubes
4 tbsp/60ml olive oil or lard
1 large onion - finely chopped
2-4 cloves garlic - finely chopped
1 can or bottle nopalitos
10oz/300g can tomatillos
6 canned or 3 fresh serrano chiles - chopped
4 tbsp/60ml tomato puree (paste)
8fl oz/225ml/1 cup beef stock (boullion)
one handful fresh coriander (cilantro) - chopped
salt & pepper

Fry the beef in the lard or oil, a few cubes at a time, until well browned.
Transfer to a flame proof casserole (or Dutch oven). In the same fat, fry
the onion & garlic until golden. Add to the beef.

Drain the Nopalitos, & rinse thoroughly. Add to the beef, onions & garlic
with the other ingredients (don't drain the tomatillos). Bring to the boil
& simmer gently until the beef is very tender - 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours.

(From The Complete Hot & Spicy Cook Book edited by Emma Callery, Quintet
Books UK)