Re: [CH] What Is Guajillo Chile?

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:47:04 +0000

Guajillo is a Capsicum Annum which is sometimes called "Chile de 
Comida". It is mildly pungent and some think it might be an ancestor 
of the New Mexico varieties. It is normally dried and used in moles, 
enchiladas and sauces.

It is 4-6 inches long and 1-1 1/2 inches across and is one of the 
most common Chiles grown in Mexico. I have a plant growing in the 

Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.

> Mary,
> Hello.  Can you help me?  I'm trying to find out about a chile I'm not
> familiar with.  It's called the Guajillo chile.  Could it be known by another
> name?  I'm wanting to make Tacos Al Pastor and have only come up with one
> recipe for it so far and it uses Pasilla chiles and Gaujillo chiles and so far
> I haven't found anyone who knows what it is.  Or, just as good would be
> another recipe for Tacos Al Pastor if you know where there is one.  I'd be
> greatful for any info on this.
> Much thanks,
> Mike in Houston