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Steven L. thomas (sthomas@seidata.com)
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 21:07:50 -0400

Hello everyone-  I thought I'd update you on at least two of the dishes
being prepared for the 2nd Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods
Festival. These are two of the dishes we are preparing, when it's all over
we'll post reports!

Pozole con Puerco y Lima
(Hominy soup with pork and lime)

1#      fresh ground pork
1       medium onion, diced
4       cloves garlic crushed
1 tsp   crushed chiltepin

Place above ingredients into an iron skillet or dutch oven, gently cook
until onion is transparent and pork has cooked through.  Drain off fat, if
any.  To a dutch oven or large stockpot add:

8-10 cups       cooked pozole (hominy)
6-7 cups        chicken stock
3 14 oz cans crushed tomatoes
3               limes, juiced
                Salt, pepper, chiltepin to taste

Heat through and simmer until flavors have blended.  With limes, be careful
how much salt you use- maybe add at the end of cooking.  Garnish bowls of
this soup with chopped cilantro and a lime wedge.  This recipe will serve
many people- at least a platoon!

Carne Aji'

Toast any quantity of fresh aji' amarillo or aji' colorado on a skillet or
griddle just until the skin is blistered.  Cut off the stems, deseed and
devein.  Place aji's in a food processor and take down to almost a pulp.
Visually measure- let's assume 1/2 cup of pulp, and add an equal quantity
of peeled garlic cloves.  Continue to process untill you have a smooth
paste,  Now add -assuming 1 cup of total paste- 2 tsp of ground, toasted
cumin seed.

Coat pork steaks, chops, or whatever meat you've caught in this paste much
the same way you would with Jamaican jerk, and let it marinate overnight,
Fire up the charcoals, shake off the excess aji' paste, and broil away.
This method of cooking came from my friend Franz from Bolivia (yes, german
name, but he IS  Bolivian).  This is great stuff, but not necessarily for
the faint-hearted, depending on the aji's.  Hoping many of you who read
this will be here this weekend!!!!!!