[CH] Fear and (pepper) loathing in Wichita

Brent Leatherman (brent@mail.feist.com)
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:36:28 -0600

Gather 'round brothers and sisters, and listen to how yours truly just
about got his face smashed for being a chile-head....

Tonight, at the local watering hole, I was quaffing a few, and happened to
over-hear a conversation between a young fella and the lady he was trying
to chat up...(you can just tell that this story has no good end in mind,
can't ya?). Anyhow, said young man (SYM) was bragging on his chicken wing
receipe, which contained the usual ingredients, but used *only* Tabasco
sauce as the heat...

SYM was (loudly) announcing just how f***ing hot his wings were, when the
hero of the story (me!) said: "Hell, if all you're using is Tabasco, it
can't be all that hot." Oops...SYM was a little in his cups, and I was a
little blunt....it looked like a bar fight was in the works (really, no
kidding, he was *pissed*!)...but, I managed to save it by stating that my
objection to Tabasco was due to the vinegar base. Luckily, he agreed, and
all was "ok".

I guess the moral is to be circumspect about our heat tolerance...or better
yet, maybe I should just keep my big mouth shut, huh?  ;>)

"Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind."
General William Westmoreland